Sprouting Early Success

by Upstart Design Co.

Posted on 01•07•2016 at 6:00 PM

A client contacted us to provide the branding and packaging for her unique product. She needed the product on shelf to be affordable, eye catching and finished in three weeks.

We began by developing a wordmark that was clean and simple, two qualities the client requested. Working deliberatley to stylize the S (to make it appear as it were sprouting from a bean), gave the client a clever tie in on such a clean wordmark. To reinforce the "House-ness" of the product a roof was created for the capital H to create a house glyph. The finishing touch was the darker exterior stroke that gave versatility and prominence to the wordmark.

The product itself was being sold in a substantial dome, we had options to package it, ultimately choosing on the sleeve method. The complex and large dieline was produced in house with the creases, cutouts and a security tab on the bottom already placed well before production.

Once the dieline was approved by the client, we populated it. For the branding we kept to a simplified pallet of greens, white and a pop of buttery yellow. The background pattern of angled sprouts echoes an argyle pattern, keeping the packaging feminine, stylish and whimsical. The clean and graceful lines of the Futura family were called upon to further enhance the packaging, giving quick reads through it's inherit simplicity and timeless classic appeal.

The print production took place locally at one of our local print partners. We picked up the final product and delivered it in person to the very pleased client. Further, we were called on to design the Sprout Haus website. We pushed the branding from the sleeve into web format, creating a high resolution product shot in the process working seamlessly with the web developer.

Your products can have professional packaging, this isn't reserved for large corporations, it's available to you, just ask! Don't take our word for it, talk to Pauline of Sprout Haus about the work we did for her and our ongoing support.

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